Photo reportage: Here is the new 2020 trend for your wedding.

Photo-graphy literally means writing with light, and this is exactly what I try to do with my camera in the wedding reportage: capturing every type of beauty and emotion, playing with the spontaneity and colors of an instant, of those unrepeatable moments of the most beautiful day in life.

The style of the photo reportage is based precisely on the truthfulness of each moment but above all on the trust that the couple place on the photographer, relying completely on him, without influencing him, without artificial poses like a photographic set. Every moment is rediscovered through the lens and eyes of the photographer in the naturalness of each gesture, look or smile. An example? The excitement of the groom when he sees his future wife walking along the nave, the embrace of a loving father to his now grown-up “little girl” or the exit from the church after that unforgettable yes.

The photography without pose must be discreet, silent witness of every preparation, from the dressing to the ceremony and up to the cake-cut. It must capture reality, enhancing every little shade: moments of emotion, of joy, the emotion of a kiss, a smile or a tear. It is, therefore, a simple technique, because it is not studied, but complex because it is based on the carpe diem, on the photographer’s skill to capture that special moment. There are no second chances.

What must be considered for a perfect wedding photo reportage?

  • The skill of the photographer and his team;
  • The exclusivity of the photographer, something not to be underestimated because very often some take multiple weddings in one day;
  • The storytelling created through the sequence of shots;
  • The color of the reportage and its post-production;
  • The wedding photo album.


Together we will find from the first meeting the perfect solution to tell your wedding. To tell you. To tell your love, those emotions that you will remember, also thanks to a photo, for a lifetime.

My job will not start on your wedding day: my advice, our friendship will start in my studio from the first meeting and until the day of your wedding.

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