Antony Pepe

Wedding Photographer

The photo album is a story, a novel, where every single photo is a chapter that you have lived and that will be with you forever.

I graduated in Photography from the Rome University of Fine Art in 2015, after studying dance for several years.
The emotion of a glance, the elegance of a movement and the simplicity of a smile, lead me to live the day of your wedding with the enthusiasm of those who want to enjoy life and love in one photo, in one shot.

Any location is able to become a unique frame of your most beautiful day and in photography lie the trepidation of a moment and the passion of a day spent together.

That’s why every story I tell with my photographs is different, every story is unique and special. Every story is authentic.

I chose Antony and his staff even before I knew if I would ever get married one love with their work posted on social media! Then the marriage proposal and the race to get the best photographers and videomakers!!! The result? The passion and professionalism in every single shot... the ability to make every moment MAGICAL and ETERNAL! Thank you for your patience and support before, during and after our important day! We would choose you again for another 100, 1000 and INFINITE YESES !!!!
That's right... Ours was a unique day! To characterise it we didn't let the incessant rain get away. This wonderful group of unique and crazy guys turned our day into a unique day.... They managed to pull off a crazy photo shoot! I will never stop thanking you guys. We were completely wet from the rain, but we were happy! True professionals, lovers of their work, complicit, friendly, human, the rain on that day didn't frighten anyone, on the contrary it made them more enthusiastic than ever. Surround yourself with this wonderful group, entrust the most important day of your life to serious people, true professionals will make you live a fairytale! We love you guys!
As I have always told you from the beginning: 'before choosing the groom, I had already chosen my photographer! You made this day magnificent, you were of absolute professionalism, you Antony and Giancarlo put me at ease right from the start, even though I initially felt awkward and a bit uncomfortable, you made everything natural and fun. My biggest thanks go to you. Thank you to the whole team for making this day wonderful and now I look forward to being thrilled by your masterpieces.
We chose you without hesitation because you are a professional, because you give emotions, because you have big goals and pursue them with humility. we chose you because you are a dreamer, because you are in love with love and all its facets, because you immortalise unique moments... is you and your world made of dreams, of colours, of life! ...our certainty! professionalism, passion, education, discretion, availability and last but not least ambition! these are the elements that characterise you and your staff! you have made moments and emotions unforgettable! Thank you!
We reserved writing this review for last because, although we were already aware of the excellent work done, we wanted to relive the emotions of that day after the delivery of the albums and video. Antony Pepe and his staff's professionalism, competence and desire to create a product suited to our requests were combined with kindness, politeness and the ability to be totally transparent at such an important event for us. the team consisted of 5 operators but despite this during the day we did not notice their presence and when their intervention was necessary, they knew how to put us at ease. We entrusted Antony with the most important day of our lives and he was a worthy custodian of our truest emotions in the best way we could imagine. Immensely thank you to the whole team at Antony Pepe Photographer